About Us

The Gilded Lily was born out of a love for bygone eras, with countless hours of dedication to craftsmanship, a little dreaming and some much appreciated insight and support.

After sixteen years as Renaissance Festival enthusiasts we had become quite adept at hand crafting items to enhance our outfits. Many of these items were simply not available for purchase at any venues we traveled. Numerous times we had been asked where we had purchased our items. When informed the items were handmade, we were asked if we sold them. Having additional artistic pursuits lacking a showcase it became apparent we could meld our interest of period item recreation and provide affordable luxuries and style transcending Renaissance and Victorian periods to everyday living.

Our greatest desire is to ensure each and every person we deal with is not only pleased but impressed with our service and quality. Many of our offerings are one of a kind so if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us with suggestions and inquiries.

Whether for you or for a special someone, our unique items and hand-crafted pieces provide a look of luxury and style with understated elegance. We are pleased to share our studio with you and hope you enjoy our offerings as much as we love to create them