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Color Embroidered Handkerchiefs
Delicate floral design embroidered on a 100% Cotton handkerchief. Available in 4 colors..
Crochet Lace Corner Handkerchief
Lovely white handkerchief has a delicate hand crocheted lace design in one corner and a fine hand..
Chapel Lace Handkerchief
Chapel Lace Handkerchief offers the best of functionality as well as being a lovely accessory! 10..
Black Handkerchief White Embroidery
Vintage looking floral scroll detail handkerchief with white satin stiching along the e..
100% Cotton gloves in white or black - uni-sex style. Sure to be the finishing touch for your spe..
Butterfly & Hearts Embroidered Handkerchief
Butterflies & Hearts This exquisite handkerchief is made from 100% cotton and measures a..
Floral with Ribbon Embroidered Handkerchief
Lovely floral sprag with ribbon design embroidered on a 100% Cotton handkerchief. ..
Bobbin Lace Handkerchief
Exquisitly hand crafted bobbin thread lace adorns this 100% Linen Handkerchief. This will ma..
Triangle Bobbin Lace Handkerchief
100% Cotton Bobbin lace handkerchief. Great as a gift for wedding, anniversary, birthday, christe..
Scalloped Satin Edge Handkerchief
Beautiful satin stitched scalloped edged 100% cotton handkerchief. Measures just 10...
Flower Bouquet Embroidered Handkerchiefs
Lovely embroidered handkerchiefs made of 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs are white with a lovely e..
Venice Hand Crochet Thread Lace Handkerchief
Traditional Venice Lace Handkerchief is made of 100% cotton. With intricate 1 3/8" hand croc..